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  • Sarn Helen

    Sarn Helen

    Tom Bullough’s opening remarks in [Sarn Helen]. He was hoping to find “what, these saints who perceived the divine in the landscape of wales might bring to our relationship with the natural world.” For I too have searched the ancient stories for the wisdom of those who lived in the world”

  • Reflections on a snow day

    Reflections on a snow day

    There used to be such a thing as a snow day – a day for not bothering to try to battle against the weather to get to wherever it is that we needed to be and just take a moment to reflect. This was all but destroyed by the technological capacity to work from home […]

  • Regenerate


    In the beginning… that moment of beautiful poetry from Genesis, the light begins to shine out of the darkness.  Hope is brought forth. It is one of the most enduring images of the Christian faith, that light overcomes darkness, that goodness is stronger than evil, and that Christ as the Light for the World has […]

  • Eco-Church: Story, Myth and Theology

    (almost) as presented to the Governing Body of the Church in Wales.  With thanks to the good folks at Hope for the Future from whom parts of this have been gleaned. It is not without a small amount of irony, that I titled the guide to Eco-Church “Treading Lightly on Holy Ground.” The Eco-Church project […]

  • Er Cof

    Er Cof

    In memory of Frances Ann Davies who first inspired this idea in me and who shared her wild welsh poppy seeds. Have you seen the seed selection packets with pictures of prize winning marrows and flowers in bloom like a thousand prisoners those seeds hang on death rows awaiting release sow by date stamped on […]

  • Lle Gorffwys  –  a resting place

    Lle Gorffwys – a resting place

    I have for some time given worth to the idea of a shared common task.  A task other than maintaining a building or a pattern of worship as these things ought to serve the central task rather than the other way around.  Be that common task a community project, or supporting a local charity or […]

  • Healing the Hunger Games

    Healing the Hunger Games

    For the Conwy County Civic Service 2016. Around ten years ago I was in Liverpool for Holy Week, the week leading up to Easter Sunday. We visited the Anglican Cathedral, took the tour, climbed the tower and looked back towards Wales. I remember a conversation after lunch with a good friend, John, a priest working […]

  • An Ecology Year

    An Ecology Year A list of opportunities to reflect on the Environment & Human Ecology throughout the year.   Inspirational people, dates and times for action and occasions for reflection throughout the year. Some are fixed dates, others change each year.  You can find it here.

  • A Sanctuary and a Light

    A Sanctuary and a Light

    Church Hostel Bangor is up for sale.  aka The Anglican Chaplaincy, more affectionately: AngChap or simply for those of us who lived and worked there ‘home from home’. We were always walking a tightrope whilst juggling the twin identities of this place, Hostel and Chaplaincy.  Whether doing the accounts and applying for money, or justifying […]

  • A world away…

    A world away…

    A.R.T Private Garden.  For visits and more information please contact … etc This sign doesn’t do justice to the glories which are contained within its walls!  Walking the paths, every sense is assaulted with sights, sounds, smells, tastes, colours, textures.  Mint, pepper and citrus, all come together.  Some plants in flower, some in fruit, some […]