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  • Caution: Contents Hot

    It is 09.11 on Saturday morning and I am in an all new kind of hell. Even home-made ‘oxford’ marmalade on home-made bread cannot cut through the assault to the senses which happens to be my carriage until Newport. It seems that Aliens must be destroyed at top volume, meanwhile an unknown musical sensation probably […]

  • Fairtrade erm, ugh – kitkat?

    Sorry Nestle, still not buying it!! See this rather interesting perspective…

  • A day for good news

    Cadbury Dairy Milk and the Fairtrade Foundation !!

  • Divine Delivery

    At last the Caption Comp prize arrives!!!

  • Cynicism Rewarded

    It’s not often that I get free Fairtrade Chocolate (Divine no less)… … and even less so for what I considered a cynical remark – The Church Times Ed. decided it was ‘Worldly Wise’ to suggest that Obama might be ‘Crucified’ as it were a few weeks after his ‘triumphal entry’. For those without the […]

  • Fairtrade Clergy Shirts

    Keep plugging away, eventually the tide will turn!! Since being away I’ve realised there is a bit of catching up to do, I’ve just responded to a note I left myself to order some fairtrade shirts.   Maggi Dawn mentioned it a week or so ago, so I’ve taken the plunge and ordered two.  The good […]