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  • Billberry City

    Roll on the Billberry hunting season! It’s going to be a bumper crop!

  • A world away…

    A world away…

    A.R.T Private Garden.  For visits and more information please contact … etc This sign doesn’t do justice to the glories which are contained within its walls!  Walking the paths, every sense is assaulted with sights, sounds, smells, tastes, colours, textures.  Mint, pepper and citrus, all come together.  Some plants in flower, some in fruit, some […]

  • Going away

    It’s funny the rain, when you’re going away, driving you backwards making you stay. Each raindrop a something forgotten to do, or just one more phone call, or visit or two. Leaving you heavy with burdens behind, yet, given time, evaporates away – much like the worries and cares of the day. So I’m leaving, […]

  • Resurrected – Paper

    This is the message printed on the back of our Easter Service books, hot off the press today!! Well, at least one person found it amusing when I wrote it, we’ll have to wait and see what the general consensus is.  (The paper is covered in plastic, so no contamination is possible)  You too can […]

  • First shoots

    First shoots

    A lovely surprise greeted me this morning as I glanced over to the propagator, only two days in and a fresh radish shoot has stretched for the light. I think that must be some sort of record for me. It is reassuring to think that, even though it is only mid-January there is new life […]

  • Sloes, mountains and turbines

    This cannot surely be the shortest route – via Wrexham for Llangurig, but we got there.  A number of great discoveries later, an Azada being one of them, great for the back, great for the garden.  You always see them in the background on films about agriculture in Africa, the forked version – great for […]

  • Hedgerow Harvest

    Two weeks ago the elderberries looking like they wanted a week of sunshine, this week most were ripe for picking! Haws and sloes, damsons and blackberries went in the bag for good measure. Hedgerow jam is on the cards, a few sloes might find their way into some vodka by the sound of it. I’ve […]

  • September

    The hedgerows are teeming with life, most of it edible, we have so far (apart from the tree load of apples which our garden supplies) blackberries – loads, hedge garlic (still prolific) raspberry leaves for tea, haws for Haw-sin sauce and a few other bits and pieces. In a few weeks the elderberries will be […]

  • Woodfest

    Woodfest again at St. Asaph, don’t miss it! Or try to remember next year… There seem to be a number of different types of people exhibiting or competing. Most working in their field and making a living the way most of us do, wood things being a profitable sideline. There are the commercial firms whose […]

  • From sheep to feet

    The process is finally complete! and they are really warm!! (and not at all scratchy Hannah!!)