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  • Snow was great…

    … Yesterday – when it was going and everything still looked pretty.  That was when I took this pic in the valley on a long walk home from service and visiting. However, now it just looks like a long road to nowhere!

  • Living Nativity

    Because the Holy Trinity Church in Greenfield is closed for building works, we had a choice this year to do nothing, or to take the opportunity to do something different to mark Christmas in the community. We wanted to give the community the opportunity to be part of the story, rather than just listening to […]

  • Whose Eyes? – Civic Service

    I was never really sure about the annual Civic Service – that was until this year.  It was – wait for it – actually quite good fun, well the preparation was anyway!! My talk, titled:  ‘Whose Eyes?’

  • silence & news

    i realised this morning it has been about 1 month since i last posted something here… Since i am sat waiting for a new tyre for my m/bike there was no excuse! News- we have finally gathered the cash together to transform the church in greenfield into a great community space. Mainly thanks to the […]

  • Just Gardening

    I was gardening.  Just that.  Strimming the overgrown grass, revealing the flowers that had been planted along the labyrinth path in the churchyard.  It always had a queer sort of fascination with the locals, seeing someone tending something new, something unexpected and many would stop and chat, poking good humoured fun or questioning why.  On […]

  • Planting

    I have been meaning to get around to stop prevaricating about this and post these pictures, however, I’ve been busy digging. We are preparing a ‘church-yard garden’ It’s not ready yet, but some of the plants in the pictures below are now installed in their new home. Hopefully come summer / autumn / spring we […]

  • How many Trees … ?

    Serious question… no, really!! How many trees does it take to create 1000 sheets of paper? And if you want to be really pedantic, 1000 ish recycled paper, 3 sheets of card and one large brown envelope. One side effect of applying for all these grants for our Community Church project is that we end […]

  • What would you put here? REPLIES!!

    It seems that they were listening… I have four so far and counting. You can see the original sheet here