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  • Day 49 – Foodbank Challenge

    As day 49 of the food bank challenge comes to a close, it’s time for a biblical jubilee. Beginning again on 5th march as Lent begins and #EndHungerFAST gets up to speed…

  • The bag

    Carried a full bag of God for ages. One day realised it was empty. Dumped the bag, travelled lighter, contents still with me. #ikonstory Can you write your own God story? For Greenbelt 2011 tweet with #ikonstory, no links though!

  • A world away…

    A world away…

    A.R.T Private Garden.  For visits and more information please contact … etc This sign doesn’t do justice to the glories which are contained within its walls!  Walking the paths, every sense is assaulted with sights, sounds, smells, tastes, colours, textures.  Mint, pepper and citrus, all come together.  Some plants in flower, some in fruit, some […]

  • Going away

    It’s funny the rain, when you’re going away, driving you backwards making you stay. Each raindrop a something forgotten to do, or just one more phone call, or visit or two. Leaving you heavy with burdens behind, yet, given time, evaporates away – much like the worries and cares of the day. So I’m leaving, […]

  • The butterfly effect

    Has anyone seen a butterfly yet? I saw a Red  Admiral drifting over some crocuses in my garden on February 16. Pure existence. Pure presence, out on the hunt for nectar, a familiar pastime that we have all engaged in. And I thought there it was free, much freer than I in so many ways. […]

  • Podcast Junkie

    When one comes back to reality, like the weeks following Easter, from all the festivities, there is the desperate need to ‘Catch up’ on what one might have missed! The news from the world was of weddings and atrocities – nothing new there then. Ploughing through the podcast list, I am now reliably informed on […]

  • adrift with the christ

    The Parish Away day in preparation for Holy Week Easter – focussing on seeing a larger Christ. A meditation in preparation for time spent in quiet with the hills, woods, chickens and bees! Psalm 62 (Music: ‘Nunc Dimittis’ Christian Forshaw) It is as if we are dead to the world that is before us. And […]

  • There goes a First in Human Ecology

    Well who knows what the young lad will be when he is older, yet already old beyond his years with his perspective on animal and human life. A risk assessment, boring by anyone’s standards, made bearable by doing it with the children before gardening! Q. What are the hazards? A. Animals, we don’t want to […]

  • Candlemass

    Half-way out of the dark?  So The Doctor proclaimed on Christmas day, now we are half way out of the dark, Candlemass marking the halfway point towards the spring equinox.  Always a time for celebration and an appropriate time to make a promise for the year,  much better than at the turn of the year […]

  • First shoots

    First shoots

    A lovely surprise greeted me this morning as I glanced over to the propagator, only two days in and a fresh radish shoot has stretched for the light. I think that must be some sort of record for me. It is reassuring to think that, even though it is only mid-January there is new life […]