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  • Gin-O'Clock yet?

    Gin-O'Clock yet?

    Life would be much simpler if there was a given time each day at which it could be declared ‘Gin-O’Clock’. i.e. the point in the day after which one does not then need to dash out in a great hurry for something or other… That’s all i’m saying…

  • lazy sunday afternoon

    If only we had a ramp, then I could have driven to the pulpit…

  • Don't talk to me about Christmas…

    However, this did arrive this morning… If you are quick, you might the last one from Fair Grounds though you may have to email as it is not on their online shop!! Apparently there are shepherds and sheep coming next year.

  • Average number of feet anyone?

    Save for those who have had an accident and have been unfortunate enough to have had a leg or foot amputated; the rest of us, I was under the impression (until recently) had two feet. One would therefore assume that a simple purchase of shoes would require the same number of shoes as feet: Two. […]