Category: Uni

  • Lights out on the Sanctuary

    Tomorrow lunch time I will attend a service at the former Anglican Chaplaincy to the University in Bangor where a sanctuary and a light is to be extinguished. I’m tempted to go in purple, in mourning. It was the place where I and so many others were nurtured in their vocation, either to the ordained […]

  • Stepping aside

    John Robinson wrote in Honest to God on prayer, that some people are Kronos and some kairos – I guess I must be kairos because more often than not recently I have been forced to my knees in desperation. Salvation has come though in the shape of the chaplaincy at the university. joining their evening […]

  • Romanticism

    Cycling slowly along the Taff, river bubbling happily along in no hurry, just like me today. It’s half term, kids out of school, you might think there would be a riot at home, but no, not too bad! Two hours of blissful Christology, and off to the library for a little light reading on myth […]

  • Black Pudding

    First day back at uni. No colour coded timetable so a frantic dash between lectures and the timetable board, which all turned out to fruitless as a third of them were cancelled, ok one out of three, and were all about how the work really starts tomorrow, I tell you, lecturers, don’t they get enough […]

  • Last Tuesday

    Today began as any other, toast on the range (cooker) a swift, but early, drive to morning prayer. Then a frantic drive in an MG to Cardiff for an exam While the others swanned off doing assemblies and church spotting, I had to exercise the grey matter Although during the school visit, there was a […]

  • Last Sunday

    I get picked up at 7.30am, driven like a rally to another car which then speeds off towards the first of the days parishes. Arriving about an hour early, (due to travelling logistics) I am greeted heartily by a large black Labrador, an indifferent cat and a jovial vicar. It is shortly after 8am – […]