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  • Sarn Helen

    Sarn Helen

    Tom Bullough’s opening remarks in [Sarn Helen]. He was hoping to find “what, these saints who perceived the divine in the landscape of wales might bring to our relationship with the natural world.” For I too have searched the ancient stories for the wisdom of those who lived in the world”

  • Reflections on a snow day

    Reflections on a snow day

    There used to be such a thing as a snow day – a day for not bothering to try to battle against the weather to get to wherever it is that we needed to be and just take a moment to reflect. This was all but destroyed by the technological capacity to work from home […]

  • William Morgan – Tŷ Mawr Wybrnant

    Will Tŷ Mawr, not William Morgan but the former custodian of the house that saw William Morgan (Esgob) to birth: As we sat in his kitchen at Wybrnant he recalls ‘they keep bringing us bibles – what do we want with them here? And I’m, taken to the old parlor where a large cupboard stands; it […]

  • Time to let go

    “Pour out, I will pour out my Spirit. Earth shall be much more that it seems. Both sons and daughters shall prophesy. Young and old shall dream dreams.” Arrangement by John Bell of the Prophet Joel, quoted in Acts Pentecost is when the church story suddenly gets messy. Our church year has been very ordered […]

  • The twisted tree is me

    The twisted tree is me

    At first glance this tree looks quite ordinary.  Almost dead, but quite ordinary.  Perhaps a slightly more charitable assessment would be to suggest that it is clinging on to life.  It is, I hope still there, on a footpath above Trefriw up towards Llyn Geirionydd, for it is worth going to see.  There are countless […]

  • Dust – Creation Sunday

    Ok so I have been reading Philip Pullman recently his Dark Materials Trilogy!  And ‘The Golden Compass’ based on the first of the books, ‘Northern Lights’ was an engaging film, however ‘Dust’ is given an altogether different status in the books and it turns out that what he calls dust in the fist book / […]

  • Sloes, mountains and turbines

    This cannot surely be the shortest route – via Wrexham for Llangurig, but we got there.  A number of great discoveries later, an Azada being one of them, great for the back, great for the garden.  You always see them in the background on films about agriculture in Africa, the forked version – great for […]

  • Hedgerow Harvest

    Two weeks ago the elderberries looking like they wanted a week of sunshine, this week most were ripe for picking! Haws and sloes, damsons and blackberries went in the bag for good measure. Hedgerow jam is on the cards, a few sloes might find their way into some vodka by the sound of it. I’ve […]

  • Parish Walk #1

    I didn’t want to dictate the route of the first walk, so I asked for a start point and an end point.  In the end we walked a circular route from one well to another and back again.  We had no route planned, except for a vague direction.  We began at the Well in Ffynnongroyw, […]

  • Yr ochr arall (eto)

    I gave up my book, worthy though it was, the interruption is welcome, if not lightly fanciful, ‘we won’t disturb you if we sit here?’ no, (and yes of course!) The three delightful ladies who lunch interrogate my lazing in the sun, already having gleaned our occupation from the staff, perhaps slightly quizzical at my […]