Beyond these walls

  • All shall be well: Do not be afraid.

    All shall be well: Do not be afraid.

    A gentle touch. For comfort. For reassurance. Indicating closeness and empathy. Understanding. Words are not needed to say, I’m here, or it’s okay.

  • Regenerate


    In the beginning… that moment of beautiful poetry from Genesis, the light begins to shine out of the darkness.  Hope is brought forth. It is one of the most enduring images of the Christian faith, that light overcomes darkness, that goodness is stronger than evil, and that Christ as the Light for the World has […]

  • Shadows

    The shadows shine  Darkly behind all they were  An imprint of their lives upon our own Outlines remain yet nothing inhabits the space Memories on an ink pad never refreshed Become background noise to the daily clamour Threads all but gone yet woven still Half remembered conversations drift Waking dreams of lives entangled till Fading […]

  • Mingled down

    In the home at Bethany. A Hearth. A Haven. (John 12.1-8) The events of the last weeks of Jesus’ earthly life are cast. A place, we presume, he knew well. We are told of some who were there. Mary, Martha, Lazarus, Judas, Jesus. From a distance we could see it as a time of preparation […]

  • A tree stands in the wilderness

    In the wilderness of 1987 there stood an iconic tree. Arguably it still stands head and shoulders, though that should probably be leaves and branches, above all the other trees in that particular wilderness.  It was called the Joshua Tree. If your home is the Mojave desert a Joshua tree might be the symbol of […]

  • Unfolding the heavens

    I can do no more than stand in wonder whilst earth rises to each footfallsilken skies crowned in shades of light bright lit for the momenthaloed, darkening as the remains of the day’s sun and rising moon co create the eternal.I might have disbelieved myself had we not walked in companyfor the gift was composed […]

  • Alban Arthan – Winter Solstice

    Cynhelir mewn golau cannwyll Calonogir gan drydar Disgwylir y golau gwawrio Cradled in candlelight Encouraged by birdsong Anticipating the light to come

  • You are not alone

    You are not alone

    ‘You are not alone’. The message on the card was destined for an unknown recipient inserted into a box of gifts for refugees. We gathered clothes, toys and other items at the feast of Christ the king. It is the end of another liturgical year. I’m reminded of the song: ‘Nothing ever happens’ by Glasgow […]

  • Calan Gaeaf – All Hallows

    Cysgir natur, daw’r tywyllwch Rhwng bywydau daearol a dragwyddol Tenau’r fêl gwawn Nature sleeps, the dark comesBetween temporal and eternal worldsThe veil thins to gossamer. 

  • Lammas – Gŵyl Awst

    Today we celebrate ‘Lammas’. It marks the beginning of Harvest, traditionally the wheat harvest.  Lammas means Loaf Mass.  At the beginning of the harvest the workers would gather, bake a loaf of bread with the first cut of the harvest and offer it at the Mass as a thanksgiving for the years growth. It was […]