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  • Snow, Trump, and a Quiet Defiance

    What does the recent / expected Snowfall and Donald Trump have in common? And no, that’s not the beginning of a very bad joke, though if it were the punchline probably ought to contain the words ‘slippery and slope’. Perhaps they have in common that we love to hate them? That both are the target […]

  • Gaudete Rejoice

    Gaudete Rejoice

    Gaudete – Rejoice.   You brood of vipers? Who warned you to flee from the wrath to come? Do these go together? They ought to! As the French Foreign minister struck his gavel to mark the agreement of the deal on climate change, he could have cited Luke ch3 as he sent the delegates home. A […]

  • St. Nicholas, the Shopping Frenzy and a box of goodies

    St. Nicholas, the Shopping Frenzy and a box of goodies

    This box came from Bedwellty, a Parish in South Wales as part of the Church in Wales The Time is Now conference.  So as I’m speaking it will come around and you can help yourself to a simple gift from St. Nicholas. It was doomed to end in violence, but either they didn’t care or […]

  • A chrismas list

    It is most odd to me that many people often say, ‘O vicar, this is your Busy Time’.  As if I have the rest of the year off.  The more enlightened might mention something about Easter as well.  I’ve never come up with a suitable retort and have resigned myself to the benign ‘yes there […]

  • Locusts and Wild Honey for Christmas Dinner?

    John the Baptist, the voice of one crying in the wilderness:  Prepare the way of the Lord.  He’s a strange character – Locusts and Wild Honey!  What a diet.  Relationships between many things are changing.  This is especially noticeable at Christmas.  The relationship between the winter festival and the celebration of Christmas for example.  Cadbury […]

  • Advent by British Gas

    I don’t suggest you phone them just to check this, I wish I had recorded it. I was sorting out sunday’s sermon at the same time as trying to convince British Gas that we exist (so I can quickly change to a green supplier!!) ‘Cheesy music’ Thanks for waiting, one of our operators will be […]

  • Our Daily Advent

    Imagine a theatre, an Elizabethan theatre perhaps, the ones with a stage surrounded by seating and an arena for standing viewers. It’s packed, there is a new play, the program has the title The Beginning of the Gospel about Jesus Christ, the son of God.’ The crowd are in hushed anticipation, not sure of what […]