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  • Elderberry wine

    There really isn’t very much to see, smells good though, actually it smells like a pub after a heavy night of drinking, (yeasty, alcohol-ness) which is about right I guess.  I didn’t add any extra yeast it just got going on its own.  According to calculations from many and various places it should be ready […]

  • Pastures New…

    Not physically, but I’ve now got a small corner to graze on Janey Lee Grace’s site Imperfectly Natural

  • A Year of Living Generously

    …is an online experiment based on a shared hunch that looking after this planet and its people is what we are all here for and that if many of us can make small changes in our everyday choices then over time we can make a big difference for everyone. www.generous.org.uk

  • Imerfectly Natural

    The website of Janey Lee Grace, author and broadcaster. Alternative living, eco lifestyle, healthy natural alternatives http://www.imperfectlynatural.com/