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  • New Bishop

    As we enthrone our new Bishop Gregory on the Feast of St. Mark, I wonder what the marks of his ministry will be?  Brevity?  Telling an unfinished Story?  Or perhaps as the Gospel of Mark begins, ‘The beginning of the Good News…’  You might find some photo’s on the diocese website, and if you are […]

  • Women – not yet!!

    Oh dear… what is to come of the church! Will the time ever be right for moving forward I wonder?? a sad and sorry day. BBC Website report

  • It’s built …

    The building is up and we have the keys. All we need now is a fine sunny Sunday and a Bishop! This project began in the minds of the parish about five years ago, some of them really didn’t think it would happen – it is a bit of a first, opening a brand new […]

  • Foundations

    Yesterday was a big one in the life of our church, for two reasons, one: the roof can now go on st. Peter’s, and two: the Bishop came to visit… … and lay a stone at the west door of the new church building. You can see the action shot on the diocese website very […]