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  • the joys…

    Oh the joys of children in church. It’s the schools service today, yehay Time to frighten the little darlings with a mouse, and a story or two!! Then I came across this as I was writing something for Midnight… What’s in a story, what’s in a rhyme? Some words or a phrase? Better ask … […]

  • Scary thing, phone calls

    I’ve just had a call about a youthworker placement in our parish. Great, exciting, etc. However I had to remark that there really is very little in the parish for young people. Yes we have a Sunday School, and the older kids go to a group in another parish Sunday afternoons, but if I was […]

  • six year old writings

    Chloe wrote this the day before ordination, I have just discovered it on the camera!!

  • Sports Day

    Finally the School are brave enough to be outside for more than ten minutes at a time, wellies would have been a better option than training shoes, yet, there was not one drop of rain. All the parents coo and ahh appropriately, yet internally wanting their own little cherub (who could never do anything wrong […]

  • Fish

    Many Christians put fish on their cars… I have two in my study! ‘The boys’ as they are becoming known, (well they are moody, only eat when they want to eat, are fussy about having the filter on etc…) are my pastoral fish, they are quite calming actually. It is a long way from a […]