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  • building a bridge of resurrection moments

    I find it hugely ironic that the church over the centuries has dominated its teaching with men. Yet, here at the centre of events, (Matthew 28) whilst all the other disciples have scattered in fear, it is the women who are faithful, making their way to the tomb early on the first day of the […]

  • One EASTER Day

    One EASTER Day

    During Lent I’ve been reflecting each week on the film One Day.  It is a story about love, life, death and resurrection.  It doesn’t describes specifically the events of our Easter story at all – however, it does give us a window into the ebb and flow of two ordinary lives lived in and out […]

  • A New Dawn for the Jesus Divergent

    A New Dawn for the Jesus Divergent

    Today we celebrate the rising to new life of the Christ.  The revelation of God’s continual work in the world.  It is a new dawn.  A new beginning.  You might have been surprised at the choice of Divergent for a film this Lent and Easter.  But it has plenty to say to us – despite […]

  • Jesus, the Stubborn Loaf:  Still rising

    Jesus, the Stubborn Loaf: Still rising

    We’re going to get to the end of the story of the Devil wears Prada, or at least the point at which the film ends, but first I think an explanation or two might be required: Perhaps it was a typo, he meant to write risen, but missed and got rising instead.  No.  Rising is […]

  • Forget the box, I want what's inside!

    Early on Easter morn, just before dawn, as the chorus of birds are beginning, all over the land children rush down to the breakfast table to see how much chocolate they have conned various relatives into buying this year! Later that afternoon, cardboard and foil wrappers litter the living room floor, discarded in favour of […]

  • Resurrected – Paper

    This is the message printed on the back of our Easter Service books, hot off the press today!! Well, at least one person found it amusing when I wrote it, we’ll have to wait and see what the general consensus is.  (The paper is covered in plastic, so no contamination is possible)  You too can […]

  • Just Gardening

    I was gardening.  Just that.  Strimming the overgrown grass, revealing the flowers that had been planted along the labyrinth path in the churchyard.  It always had a queer sort of fascination with the locals, seeing someone tending something new, something unexpected and many would stop and chat, poking good humoured fun or questioning why.  On […]

  • The Unfinished Story

    About a Boy finally finishes, or not, as the title suggests… My Easter reflections on the final scene of the film.