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  • Sarn Helen

    Sarn Helen

    Tom Bullough’s opening remarks in [Sarn Helen]. He was hoping to find “what, these saints who perceived the divine in the landscape of wales might bring to our relationship with the natural world.” For I too have searched the ancient stories for the wisdom of those who lived in the world”

  • The butterfly effect

    Has anyone seen a butterfly yet? I saw a Red  Admiral drifting over some crocuses in my garden on February 16. Pure existence. Pure presence, out on the hunt for nectar, a familiar pastime that we have all engaged in. And I thought there it was free, much freer than I in so many ways. […]

  • to recover the celtic

    I have avoided that word for a long time, it has almost become a nothing word to some, speaking of fanciful longings and notions without any depth or heart or soul. ‘Celtic Christianity never really existed’ some say, and to an extent I would agree. The trouble is, it goes deeper than this. “And Celtic […]

  • Don't talk to me about Christmas…

    However, this did arrive this morning… If you are quick, you might the last one from Fair Grounds though you may have to email as it is not on their online shop!! Apparently there are shepherds and sheep coming next year.

  • Weight of the World

    I know it’s not good to dwell on impossible questions, however, there may be an answer to this one.  I don’t think it would be easy to get though, it would mean everyone being honest, no, really honest!! So, What is the weight of the world?  Not its mass, that, according to google is: mass […]

  • Close to the Land

    I’ve been reading around the subject of community farms recently and via a few references ended up reading Walter Brueggemann’s book,  ‘The Land, Place as Gift, Promise, and Challenge in Biblical Faith’ All this has led me perilously close (close, but not quite) to John’s area of expertise – Psychogeography.  I noticed John is talking […]

  • Do we care about a chicken or not?

    So do we care about Chickens or not, Free range eggs are into the basket from the Office of National Statistics, but so is Rotisserie Chicken one of the worst offenders when it comes to cheap mass produced chicken at a ridiculously low price!!  See Hugh’s page on Chicken welfare!!

  • a bit of a talk…

    “Of course they will expect a bit of a talk…” Those words were echoing through my mind as the first reading from Genesis was being read. Creation, story, unbelief, busses and their god-less messages anything less meaningless!! Inspiration at the last possible moment came whilst drifting away from the reading back to the morning’s breakfast. […]

  • It’s arrived…

    The Electric bike is here – it’s got more gadgets and gizmos than Dot’s phone!! – if only that were possible Isn’t it wonderful to connect with people and pick up where you left off?, even after a few years away – of course the good old internet helps – reflecting on an evening meeting […]

  • My heaven … … their hell !!

    The BBC program outrageous wasters replays early friday morning, worth staying up for if these clips are anything to go by! Especially since I missed the first showing of it. I’m not sure we have room for the 15 tv’s that they found in one house. Having said that… the culture of me me me […]