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  • Dirty Carrots and the Kingdom of Heaven

    Carrots, which do you buy? I’d like to suggest that it is the ‘dirty carrots’ that can help to bring closer the kingdom of God. Today is Creation Sunday, and tomorrow begins Fairtrade Fortnight. It seems an appropriate time therefore to dwell on our relationship with the earth and all that we consume from it. […]

  • Fairtrade erm, ugh – kitkat?

    Sorry Nestle, still not buying it!! See this rather interesting perspective…

  • Various Items of Food

    Well it is our harvest on Sunday. The grain has been milled into flour, if all goes well…   by tomorrow I should have a (literally) home grown loaf! The Chillies are now chilli marmalade, some others are almost chilli jelly. Fairtrade cadbury’s is just mmmmmm…. FairTrade Cadbury’s Dairy Milk

  • A day for good news

    Cadbury Dairy Milk and the Fairtrade Foundation !!

  • Fairtrade Clergy Shirts

    Keep plugging away, eventually the tide will turn!! Since being away I’ve realised there is a bit of catching up to do, I’ve just responded to a note I left myself to order some fairtrade shirts.   Maggi Dawn mentioned it a week or so ago, so I’ve taken the plunge and ordered two.  The good […]

  • Fairtrade for foodies

    We have just set up a fairtrade stall in the church (at last) but for those of us who need no encouragement when it comes to chocolate items, this is rather a big challenge in self denial, so in solidarity with those who don’t want to eat too much chocolate I decided to help them […]

  • Apathy…

    You would think would you not that those within the churches (even those without a full understanding of a social gospel) would be falling over themselves to try to support the poor, needy etc. Fair-Trade it seems is a bit taboo, It’s a good idea, but I don’t want any… I don’t want anything to […]