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  • Welcome to the feast

    Matthew’s parable of the marriage feast (Matt. 22. 1-14) has its origins in something much older. Luke has a version of it too, both probably added to it in order to say something to their communities. Matthew to the Jews, Luke to a wider audience. So the great supper in Luke becomes a Marriage feast […]

  • One EASTER Day

    One EASTER Day

    During Lent I’ve been reflecting each week on the film One Day.  It is a story about love, life, death and resurrection.  It doesn’t describes specifically the events of our Easter story at all – however, it does give us a window into the ebb and flow of two ordinary lives lived in and out […]

  • One Day won't last forever

    One Day won't last forever

    Passion Sunday for me is about being uncomfortable in a comfortable place.  A bolt hole, a place of refuge, a place to go before a difficult encounter.  A favourite cafe.  A bench on a hill.  A place with friends where one can be natural, uninhibited, perhaps.  A place to relax and let the hair down.  […]

  • A New Dawn for the Jesus Divergent

    A New Dawn for the Jesus Divergent

    Today we celebrate the rising to new life of the Christ.  The revelation of God’s continual work in the world.  It is a new dawn.  A new beginning.  You might have been surprised at the choice of Divergent for a film this Lent and Easter.  But it has plenty to say to us – despite […]

  • The devil wears the wilderness well

    The devil wears the wilderness well. Devil attacks when it’s easy – when we are vulnerable and in need.  Our basic desires are attacked with temptation:  Bread for the hungry.  Riches for the poor.  Power for the weak. But is this true:  What is it the hungry truly need, but any meal.  What do the […]

  • Lent One: The walls that contain us.

    Well Lent has begun.  40 days of fasting of sackcloth and ashes.  Are we enjoying it? – don’t answer that, I really don’t want to know!!  For those who have given something up for Lent this year, you’ve had four days already since Ash Wednesday, so 36 to go and remember that Sundays don’t count.  […]

  • February

    So, finally we turn from the baby-fest to the provocative preacher.  February marks the bizarre American festival of Groundhog day. Sadly Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell arn’t gracing our televisions this next week – shame.  Underneath the rather barmy exterior it explores the relationship between head and heart.  Arrogant and mediocre weatherman Phil Conners lives  […]

  • Brian was right

    So was his mother…  (well partly at least) I didn’t quite preach this last Sunday, but it was something similar, the following is pretty much the thinking behind it, albeit done after the event in true Primary/Secondary Theological fashion. Monty Python’s Life of Brian may have been one of those films which invoked passions of […]

  • The Unfinished Story

    About a Boy finally finishes, or not, as the title suggests… My Easter reflections on the final scene of the film.

  • On the sofa with Will Freeman

    After writing this for Passion Sunday, during the service I noticed that all the collects, prayerlets and general liturgical material for Passiontide was about getting closer to Jesus. Well, I had the distinct opposite impression from the readings, that at this point, Jesus is turning his face more towards the cross and the Disciples are […]