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  • Ffynnongroyw progress

    Ffynnongroyw progress

    Two days gardening after each other? Is there a better way to spend ones springtime? Today we planted a small willow coppice (about 80 whips went in) the hedge went in last week.  That should give us enough willow for building structures and craft work in years to come, and soak up plenty of the […]

  • Flintshare Ffynnongroyw Photo's

    Flintshare Ffynnongroyw Photo's

    The Second day of clearing bramble has had a wonderful effect on the site, it looks huge now!  Some of the saplings have come out as well giving us a good idea of the land we have.  Looking forward to the spring…

  • Mole and Nest

    The second work day on the land at Ffynnongroyw produced some wonderful results clearing some more of the land… we also found a mole and a birds nest!

  • Flintshare Ffynnongroyw

    The first work day on the Ffynnongroyw site, a wonderful turnout from the community and beyond.  It was quite impossible to believe that such a piece of neglected land covered in deep bramble could be transformed in an afternoon to be so clear! Bring on the living rotavators:  Chickens!!  (pigs would be quicker, but harder […]