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  • grief

    I have seen a glimpse of a place not yet, covered as if with glistening dew in the morning sun, being prepared for me to dwell in. I am not yet there. I am but a sapling learning how to grow in a new clearing when a tree falls. Emptiness around beckoning like an early […]

  • Spirit Song

    We go from the graveyard. It is enveloped in silence once again. Yet trees blossom with birdsong filtering down to the hoard of black clad mourners walking by. Effortless melody humbles the feeble tunes we sang. Our discordant attempt to speak of the unseen in that liminal space is lacking when you hear the bird […]

  • Funerals

    I conducted my first funeral yesterday. He was two and a half years old, but had lived a good life, mainly he liked running sleeping and eating. He was a little bad tempered at times and would often try to bite. RIP Joseph the hamster.