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  • Searching for the garden

    Searching for the garden

    The blackthorn is in blossom, the birds are beginning to find their nests once again so spring is, I suppose, upon us as the days begin noticeably to lengthen. WH Auden in his poem ‘For the time being’ writes: “For the garden is the only place there is, but you will not find it Until […]

  • The Gleanings are (probably) not for you

    Written for BBC Radio Wales’ ‘Celebration’ 20th Sept – harvest thanksgiving The earth is full of the things you have made. Grass for cattle, vegetables for the people. You make food grow from the earth. You give us bread that gives us strength. [Psalm 104:13-15 (adapted)] Psalm 104 is a song of praise to God […]

  • Going away

    It’s funny the rain, when you’re going away, driving you backwards making you stay. Each raindrop a something forgotten to do, or just one more phone call, or visit or two. Leaving you heavy with burdens behind, yet, given time, evaporates away – much like the worries and cares of the day. So I’m leaving, […]

  • Solar Heated Greenhouse – Progress

    It’s coming along – slowly…  It might even be ready for next year at this rate!! The base is supported on rammed earth piles, sadly I had to use a concrete block on top of each one to get a good enough level, but it is up!!  The pipes are down as you can see, […]

  • Dandelion Lawn? = Dandelion Syrup!!

    The little critters are up everywhere, but before mowing them into oblivion or digging them out, try dandelion syrup. Take as many heads as are out, add the juice of one lemon and a pint of water per 200 – 300 heads.   Adjust as your lawns proliferation of dandelions allows.  Boil, simmer for two […]

  • Blossom

    And a lot of it!! But not many bees, but I think I have found the answer thanks to Resurgence and a book by Philip Chandler

  • Just Gardening

    I was gardening.  Just that.  Strimming the overgrown grass, revealing the flowers that had been planted along the labyrinth path in the churchyard.  It always had a queer sort of fascination with the locals, seeing someone tending something new, something unexpected and many would stop and chat, poking good humoured fun or questioning why.  On […]

  • Chillies

    Why does everything start to come good just as you are about to go away?? Toms are doing really well, courgettes have finally decided to grow, cucumbers are doing well, caterpillars are needing collection every morning and chillies, (sorry for the naff picture.) It has taken two years to grow this plant, (i’m quite chuffed […]