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    Gift. The shepherds came and went. Came with a gift of wonder Went out with a gift of joy. Came with hope with a simple desire. To understand, to witness, to see. Such joy the gift of a new born child. A gift to go out, to share good news. Out in praise with thankful […]

  • Epiphany: offerings that cost us nothing?

    “We will not offer to God, offerings that cost us nothing” An opening verse and response from the morning prayer of Iona Abbey. Offerings for a newborn:  The top ten required gift items maybe?  Cloth nappies wraps & pins, changing mat, grow-suit, (Though it seems you can spend your life in one of these now […]

  • Snow – The Gift of a Day

    As the single flake fell, the newscasters and weather reporters gasped and reached for their cameras to record the moment the first ever flake of snow fell on Britain – Because it never snows here does it? Well only every year. Once a year, pretty much give or take we get one good snow fall. […]