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  • Solar Heated Greenhouse – Progress

    It’s coming along – slowly…  It might even be ready for next year at this rate!! The base is supported on rammed earth piles, sadly I had to use a concrete block on top of each one to get a good enough level, but it is up!!  The pipes are down as you can see, […]

  • Rammed Earth – first formwork

    Whilst everywhere else seems to be covered in snow… I began the earth foundations for the greenhouse!  There will be a lot of earth ramming to come…

  • When not to answer the phone!

    When deconstructing a greenhouse of course!! 2nd Tea Break with a slice of Sarah’s ‘wake cake’ mmm At Lunch, it was 9 for no loss, (panels down with no broken glass!!) All down by the close of play, still no broken glass, what is going wrong here??