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  • The Kingdom is like…

    Apologies for being so last week!  based on Matt. ch.13 So I asked, rather foolishly, what happened at 4.30am.  Blank looks.  And it happens every morning, but perhaps not always that early. … ‘sunrise?’ …  Yes! And what will happen tonight at about 10pm? … ‘sunset?’ (they’re catching on!) Is that right says I? (they […]

  • Celebration, Lament and Hope

    These are the three things that Ian Bradley in Colonies of Heaven says that we need to do in worship suggesting that: We need above all to have more sense of heaven in our worhip and to make the places where worship, whether churches or homes, colonies of heaven in which earth and heaven meet, […]

  • Hafod Eryri

    “The Summit of Snowdon:  Here you are nearer to heaven” Catchy sentiments; and maybe, but still a long way off, were my first impressions.  I think I’ll have to sit out on the theological arguments about that one!!  Later thoughts might have contemplated things along the lines of this: Climbers and walkers are among the […]

  • Bank Holiday Weekend

    Sat in study in North Wales… Not the place to be on August Bank Holiday weekend, the place to be (at the moment) is Cheltenham race course. I haven’t got a taste for the races either. It is the Greenbelt festival this weekend. I was reminded about this when turfing through papers from the old […]

  • Old mail and Greenbelt

    After a fleeting visit to the old house in Llanrug this weekend, I discovered amongst the mountain of mail, a number of strange letters from the TV licensing people, Why is it you cannot have a house without a television these days??? Also a christmas card with £30 in it And A plethora of Greenbelt […]