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  • y gwir trwy’r gwyll

    A dark fear grips. Masks of  pain and suffering hidden  from view distanced.  Thin cloth, veils, separates. Barely visible, breath  becomes lost confidence  in setting out emerging  unfolding unraveling  the tangle of tied up lock  downs within ourselves to  undo the stepping back  withdrawing of past hurts.  Time to heal, forgive,  allow the letting go, […]

  • Snow, Trump, and a Quiet Defiance

    What does the recent / expected Snowfall and Donald Trump have in common? And no, that’s not the beginning of a very bad joke, though if it were the punchline probably ought to contain the words ‘slippery and slope’. Perhaps they have in common that we love to hate them? That both are the target […]

  • grief

    I have seen a glimpse of a place not yet, covered as if with glistening dew in the morning sun, being prepared for me to dwell in. I am not yet there. I am but a sapling learning how to grow in a new clearing when a tree falls. Emptiness around beckoning like an early […]

  • The Presents got there!!

    Remember the 6th of December? St. Nicolas Day.  Rev’d Professor Nicholas Sagovsky  and St Nicolas went to Yarls Wood with presents, but were not allowed to take them in? Well, if you read this account partly from children who were in Yarls wood at the time, you find that they arrived! “Some presents came. [An […]

  • Celebration, Lament and Hope

    These are the three things that Ian Bradley in Colonies of Heaven says that we need to do in worship suggesting that: We need above all to have more sense of heaven in our worhip and to make the places where worship, whether churches or homes, colonies of heaven in which earth and heaven meet, […]

  • Fear is in the air…

    … and the magazine letter is late. (as usual) Fear is in the air, you can smell it! You can see it as well, the shop assistants giving out adverts in the street for their latest offers, the new signs going up pointing to various retail establishments, information about flu precautions. We used to be […]