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  • Ar Daith – Labyrinth style

    Ar Daith – Labyrinth style

    Yesterday whilst standing in the middle of a labyrinth looking out over the sea towards a forest of windmills I felt a deep sense of calm, of protection and of safety.  It was midsummer yesterday.  We gathered on the beach for Forest Church, neither in a forest or a church! but still Forest Church – […]

  • April

    Showers? well, not really so far, warm sun and long afternoons… I could not help but chuckle during the Chrism Mass at the Cathedral this year on April Fools day +Gregory suggested the clergy should be ‘silly’ explaining the entomology of the word its original meaning was closer to the word blessed. However, I was […]

  • March

    A month for moving. I walked a labyrinth yesterday. Something I’ve done many times before, however, as always with the labyrinth it is different every time. This was one of what I call the “proper ones” without modern distractions on the path! (they are good in their own way, but really don’t compete). As I […]

  • Just Gardening

    I was gardening.  Just that.  Strimming the overgrown grass, revealing the flowers that had been planted along the labyrinth path in the churchyard.  It always had a queer sort of fascination with the locals, seeing someone tending something new, something unexpected and many would stop and chat, poking good humoured fun or questioning why.  On […]