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  • humble feast day for new servants

    humble feast day for new servants

    As Terry Wogan was wont to say, most years as I recall, Nights are drawing in – soon be Christmas. And before we all groan at the use of the ‘c’ word before advent or even autumn has begun. He had a point and was reflecting the solar calendar. That at midsummer we are half […]

  • Minister as Midwife and Servant

    We celebrated with Ruth last night as she was ordained into the Church of Scotland as a ‘Minister of Word and Sacrament’  at Lochmaben.  It was her father’s comments to which the title alludes as he preached with reference to Exodus 1:15-21 (Midwife) and Mark 10:35-45 (Servant). Enabling the congregation to fulfil their potential is […]

  • Roller-coaster …

    … of emotion etc. Well one ordination and one Sunday in five services starting with 1984 green book Eucharist and ending with evensong, that’s about enough for one week I feel! We will also be eating chicken curry for a month, due the ambitious over ordering from the butcher after yesterdays festivities! Thanks to those […]

  • It’s Official!

    Finally I can say that I will, all being well, be ordained on the 30th of June not May!! (thanks John!) at St. Asaph Cathedral and licensed to serve my title as curate in the Parish of Holywell.

  • Itchy feet

    No, not athletes foot… We all went off to North Wales last week to see a possible place for a title parish. I had already visited the vicar to see if it would be possible, but this was a longer visit with time to reflect on the town. A small place, much like Caernarfon, a […]