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  • More of the rats

    Its a see saw … with food on!!

  • Ratties!!

    Working hard of course… …on the rat cage. I know it is not a dog, but were getting there, at least rats have four legs and are demanding of attention – sounds like a dog to me. Anyway their little home has now been constructed. All we have to do now is await the little […]

  • Sports Day

    Finally the School are brave enough to be outside for more than ten minutes at a time, wellies would have been a better option than training shoes, yet, there was not one drop of rain. All the parents coo and ahh appropriately, yet internally wanting their own little cherub (who could never do anything wrong […]

  • Fish

    Many Christians put fish on their cars… I have two in my study! ‘The boys’ as they are becoming known, (well they are moody, only eat when they want to eat, are fussy about having the filter on etc…) are my pastoral fish, they are quite calming actually. It is a long way from a […]

  • Funerals

    I conducted my first funeral yesterday. He was two and a half years old, but had lived a good life, mainly he liked running sleeping and eating. He was a little bad tempered at times and would often try to bite. RIP Joseph the hamster.