Tag: poem

  • grief

    I have seen a glimpse of a place not yet, covered as if with glistening dew in the morning sun, being prepared for me to dwell in. I am not yet there. I am but a sapling learning how to grow in a new clearing when a tree falls. Emptiness around beckoning like an early […]

  • gift

    Gift. The shepherds came and went. Came with a gift of wonder Went out with a gift of joy. Came with hope with a simple desire. To understand, to witness, to see. Such joy the gift of a new born child. A gift to go out, to share good news. Out in praise with thankful […]

  • Innkeeper

    Innkeeper A small town cannot cope I tell you – we’ve never been busier! Every room taken from simple lodge to high class hotel. Not even a cave can spare its shelter. No room to lay a head for a night. No room I tell you, No room for a saviour, No place for a […]

  • Journey

    Journey Is our advent adventure as scary and exciting as that first journey away from home to Nazareth? What dangers and discoveries are wrapped in our future? This Advent adventure is different as something comes to us through the darkness our candles mere tokens of unimaginable light. The advent adventure continues in light and shade […]

  • Angel Voices

    Angel Voices When life seems ordinary Angels appear unexpectedly Pointing us in new directions. When we know ourselves Angels appear unexpectedly Asking awkward questions. When we least expect it Angels appear daring us to listen to their song. O God you speak through angels Keep our ears and hearts open for the whisper of angel […]