Tag: Poverty

  • What you see

    Can you hear the cry of the city? ‘ Big Issue ‘ ‘ Big Issue ‘ Is the cry of the street vendor and they are right, there are so many Big Issues.  And Yet,  There is a way of walking in the city, purposeful, focussed, absent.  Does the ‘Shelter Cymru’ fund-raiser, (with the red […]

  • America

    My first impression of the scenes from the southern states amidst the devastation were along the lines of well that’s ‘Fat America’ for you, screaming for food and water after two days, I also thought there was no dignity in these people as there always seemed to be when watching pictures of starving Africans. (Why […]

  • Bruderhof

    I’m sure there have been loads of these around for a while, but this one ( http://dailydig.bruderhof.org ) is really worthwhile. A little gem in your inbox each morning. Today’s ‘Dig’ was this… Think what the world could look like if we took care of the poor even half as well as we do our […]