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  • Leaving Prayer

    Roll out the Vicar…   my contribution to our leavers service in the school. A Leaving Prayer God we pray: May you who leave this place: Take with you every blessing you have received here: Blessings of friendship Blessings of memories Blessings of knowledge And may you who leave here today to begin a new […]

  • Off to GB09

    I think Pip Wilson’s prayer sums it all up for this weekend! A Festival Prayer

  • Prayer with Pipe cleaners

    How does that work then???  Apparently, according to last nights youth service, you mould the pipe cleaner into the shape of the person you are praying about.  Hmmm, reverse voodoo then? I bent a few into prayer attitudes instead!

  • no lightening bolts…

    I was jumped upon to lead a little prayer time and impromptu Eucharist last night,  fortunately I had my phoneand therefore access to this meditation which I used as a prayer of blessing with a few on the spot changes to include the wine.  No lightening bolts as yet – so I’m guessing I’m safe!!

  • Prayer

    This is it now for me. I have always struggled with it, never seen the point, never been any good at it, whatever it is supposed to be. The nearest I had got before the song lyrics that follow was Scissor Sisters Comfortably Numb. I’ll let you look up the lyrics for that. There are […]

  • Praying for the world

    There are many and varied worship styles in the chapel at St. Mikes and they are all from a particular perspective. However, last Tuesday – praying for the world. Half an hour of silent prayer, incense, candles, a map, book – operation world and quiet. Choose a country and pray for it, lighting a candle […]

  • Still Waiting?

    To be able to wait, and wait patiently is I think a true gift of God. Yesterday someone said of a prayer to God. ‘God give me patience… But hurry up! So typical of our prayers, expecting what we want immediately, without looking at what it is we are asking for or how we could […]

  • Is it just me or…

    In church, at intercessions. Let us pray etc… We pray for our church (followed by a list of events going on that week) after each event, (from one or two in the congregation): Yes Lord, oh yes Jesus. Specific prayers for the alpha course and the topic coming up response: Yes Lord, oh yes Jesus. […]