on reluctantance

This began as a journal while I was at St. Michael’s Theological College in Cardiff.

It was mainly written for those who were following my progress, and for me to whine and moan without (much) recrimination.

That time is now over!!  A random entry from my time at St. Mike’s appears on the front page, or if you are feeling really bored you can read through that archive!!

So… this is me…

Stuart lives in Wales, is married with two children and was very much a reluctant ordinand!
Now an ordained Priest in the Church in Wales and a member of the Iona Community sharing their rule of Daily prayer and Bible reading, Accounting to fellow members for use of time and money, Meeting regularly with other members locally and Action for Peace and Justice.  He is still reluctant to be defined by the traditional structures and doctrines of the church, not to mention cucumber sandwiches and twee garden parties.
Stuart says, “I simply don’t believe that God can be defined by or confined to any particular idea of church.  When I read the gospel stories about Jesus I see a man who treated everyone with love, a man who was moved by compassion for those around him.  He was entirely human, got angry, loved, was hurt, upset, laughed, was a friend and companion.  Jesus was a man who broke down barriers between the establishment and those who needed its help the most.  I find it quite ironic that a church, which professes faith in such a life, should so often put up barriers between Jesus and ordinary folk.”


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