Amelia Farm Day? Sorry lost count!

Yesterday one of the workers asked me if I would be willing to conduct a service for a renewal of his marriage vows…

Any minister can do this, so why me?

Because you believe in something understandable and, well, believable!

Casting my mind back I do recall a hasty conversation about God not being ‘in heaven’ reigning ‘justice’ down etc. Hopefully some of the kids will see something different and perhaps realise that they don’t need to believe in all the namby rubbish pumped out by the ‘elder generation’ in support of the old style religion.

The Farm is becoming more and more like a church. Those supposedly in charge are pulling in different directions, those coming are not believing in everything that those running the projects believe or understand, (not religious). Just the same as many who go to churches rely on very little theology, these kids realise they are at the farm for a reason, but don’t see past that.

Those that come back see it working in a different light realising what they were doing when they were there was rebuilding the structure of their lives, becoming whole, owning emotions and controlling the self.

What else is the purpose.

~ rhannu os ti isio ~ do share ~






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