Amelia Farm… Surprised!

Well the small lad sure surprised me when he asked me what I did I told him, he then asked if I would be starting a place like this (the farm) and if I did could he work on it!

Is this subversive spiritual activity?

Is this kid off his trolley?

Well kind of yes to the first and definitely no to the second.

It is subversive in a way as although the fact that the farm is a Methodist venture is never hidden it is not what you might call a traditional church project. There is no chapel, there is a cross in a field, and there is a stained glass image of some saint or other, but other than that the outward images of religion are absent.

So what made the young chap ask me if I was going to start a farm like this when I got ordained? Perhaps because the man running the farm is a vicar and that’s what they do as far as he sees it. Perhaps this is not a bad image to leave a young lad with, a minister who runs a farm for kids to get a second chance at life! Let’s hope those he encounters in the future will be of a similar ilk, because if he encounters the majority of vicars I know, he’s had it!

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