Amity: Kindness and Nurture for Mothering Sunday

So for Mothering Sunday we continue to foray into the world of the book and film divergent. Tris Prior, A member of abnegation, the selfless faction has left family and home and come dauntless. We’ve met Candor who speak the truth at all costs – even when it hurts. And so for Mothering Sunday we visit the faction called Amity. They are the farmers of this world. Growing, nurturing and harvesting to provide fresh food for the city from the farms outside the city walls. Amity are also the faction which display the qualities of kindness and nurture to all others. They do not believe in violence and resolve every dispute by discussion believing that a consensus decision will be possible if the conversation is continued together and all voices are heard. I wonder if some families ought not take heed of such wisdom, then again, perhaps the church also.

We often focus on mothers on mothering sunday, but the requirements for being a mother are not quite the same as the qualities we often ascribe them. Mothering is something we all do in some way other other, perhaps on a daily basis and even though some of us may not be mothers – or even capable of being one, mothering is important to nurture others.

Mothering Sunday is also a time to focus on the Mother church. She nurtures much like the Amity from divergent do to the residents of the city. Mother church provides us with spiritual food and tries to steer us on a course which is based upon the values and life of Jesus. Such nurture is invaluable for us. When the conversation breaks down or when some are left our of the conversation altogether that is when problems begin and the cracks begin to show. Seeking to continue to listen to others will enable a continued community. We need to pay attention to our relationships – much like the Amity.

Relationship with each other Relationship with the world around us. If we get these right, then our relationship with God comes much easier to us for God is experienced in community, communion. Just as the Amity nurture and provide for the city in divergent, so must we nurture and mother each other. paying attention to our relationships.

The radio 4 comedy half hour last Tuesday included poetry, but rather than all amusing it was a touching account of a mother on her child leaving home, standing in the doorway of the room, now silent. We give up our all for those whom we nurture, some might suggest it is not natural to live in such a way, but it is completely natural, it is at the heart of the mothering experience. The sword will pierce each mothers’ side, just as John suggests in the Gospel of Mary.  Ouch.

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