Angels Wings

Don’t be deceived by the angels wings,
they seem to cover a multitude of sins
The beauty and the glamour of the heavenly host
is lost back in heaven when they sit down for their toast.

‘Get these wings off’, Said an angel in a huff
were on again soon, oi, not so rough!
‘Right, nativity at 6’ said the angel in charge,
You lot look smart, get that message writ large

Peace and good will to all men it should say,
Don’t forget the women, the children, okay?

What’s all the clammour, all the great fuss?
called an angel at the back, in great indisgust
There’s no-one to lead us, no shepherds crook,
It was only Gabriel mentioned in that book!
And Gabriel’s busy it’s all gone to his head
He’s doing Angel Security on the Mersey instead.

‘What about the boss then, the big G . O . D’
‘Oh, he’s not about either, he went off for a…’
‘P – eas and good Swill?’
Why have you written that?
Do you want our message laughed at?

Such a simple story that’s told and told
it’s a wonder really, it’s never got old.
Yet that ordinary life neath those angels wings
Lives on in each one as carols we sing

The beauty of that moment, simplicity of all
The humility, the quiet of that stable stall
It’s just so natural, so normal, so ordinary a birth
Then the angels sang out to tell of its worth

So you see it’s not easy, not glamourous or fun
being an angel at Christmas living life on the run
And no, God’s not gone, just stepped out for a bit
To make sure that babe’s got his carpenters kit.


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