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  • Coda 2018 Cywain Gobaith

    At Coda 2018 in Llanidloes 27th – 29th July: We are gathering hope. If only the gleanings are brought together as a basket of bread not left to go stale but shared out enough to feed the inspired small things that we do together. If only the gleanings; gatherings of potential, a momentum of hope […]

  • Post Greenbelt 2017

    Last weekend was Greenbelt Festival. In spiritual terms, for me at least, a time to stretch, to get up and be enriched once again. Not because I attended a long list of learned talks by significant theologians. I didn’t. And certainly not because I made a note of everything honourable that was said and done […]

  • A moment of Christ

    Olives. Bread. Everlasting, old. New, creation. Grown. Baked. Plucked down from a tree. Crafted by hands. For a Bitter Sweet moment. Left to mature. Worked into shape. Becoming a moment of life. As a moment of grace – like Christ on the earth. Like all beautiful partnerships; The two do not belong together for long.

  • Standing in the place of Privilege

    This idea began with the most basic and necessary of human needs, the loo! And why not! It is often when we are at our most vulnerable, backs against the wall, cornered like a rat that we are able as part of our in-built human instinct to react, call it fight or flight if you […]

  • Greenbelt thursday

    How wet can it get on field? Don’t envy anyone arriving tomorrow! Though it is drying out… Here’s to a dry weekend from here on in.

  • only (singles can) connect

    The regular Greenbelt mailer came through the door this morning, This bright card topped the pile of goodies that fell out of the plastic… ‘Only Connect” it says “is the place to meet other people that share Greenbelt’s values” Sounds great, doesn’t it, find others in your area who are like minded folk, creating a […]

  • Weight of the World

    I know it’s not good to dwell on impossible questions, however, there may be an answer to this one.  I don’t think it would be easy to get though, it would mean everyone being honest, no, really honest!! So, What is the weight of the world?  Not its mass, that, according to google is: mass […]

  • Greenbelt, and the stuff we returned with

    My Greenbelt, in leaflet form. I Think there were more than these, but some may have disintegrated at the bottom of jeans pockets or  in the tent lining!

  • Off to GB09

    I think Pip Wilson’s prayer sums it all up for this weekend! A Festival Prayer

  • Close to the Land

    I’ve been reading around the subject of community farms recently and via a few references ended up reading Walter Brueggemann’s book,  ‘The Land, Place as Gift, Promise, and Challenge in Biblical Faith’ All this has led me perilously close (close, but not quite) to John’s area of expertise – Psychogeography.  I noticed John is talking […]