Coda 2018 Cywain Gobaith

At Coda 2018 in Llanidloes 27th – 29th July:

We are gathering hope. If only the gleanings are
brought together as a basket of bread not left to go
stale but shared out enough to feed the inspired
small things that we do together. If only the gleanings;
gatherings of potential, a momentum of hope to change
grow and create new voices raised, stirred, moved.
A gently kindled fire. If only, what is reaped may
be sown and what is scattered may be gathered in again
then together – we may gather hope anew.

Gathering Hope is not a gathering of hope, a hopeful gathering or even gathering in Hope! (as they say in North East Wales Live in Hope, die in Caergwrle.) No, this is none of the the above. It does mean coming together with our dreams and visions for a together world, one seated at the same table, neither host nor guest. With a welcome of equity that those who are in need would be fed from the storehouses and those who can give would be serving the feast. This is Gathering Hope. A place to be sent out from with renewed energy to begin to understand, and then engage with the issues of our own communities and the issues around us in this world. If we can be sat at the same table, be in conversation and begin to make friends with those with whom we might profoundly disagree, we might just then be ready to walk with them and eager to love them. (Richard Rohr: Eager to Love) In order to do this we are Gathering Hope not to hold on to it, but to let it go, to enable new visions which transcend boundaries, cross thresholds, join hearts, and recognise lives connected at the deep down
So, bring your hopes, dreams, visions and join us Gathering Hope.

Tickets available 1st November


~ rhannu os ti isio ~ do share ~





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