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  • Unexpected Beauty

    What is it that we seek? A brief moment of sublime beauty would be enough.  It might be in the reactions of others, it might simply be a reaction to the world around us doing what it does and the fact that we call it beautiful is to do with our reactions to it, whatever […]

  • William Morgan – Tŷ Mawr Wybrnant

    Will Tŷ Mawr, not William Morgan but the former custodian of the house that saw William Morgan (Esgob) to birth: As we sat in his kitchen at Wybrnant he recalls ‘they keep bringing us bibles – what do we want with them here? And I’m, taken to the old parlor where a large cupboard stands; it […]

  • A Sanctuary and a Light

    A Sanctuary and a Light

    Church Hostel Bangor is up for sale.  aka The Anglican Chaplaincy, more affectionately: AngChap or simply for those of us who lived and worked there ‘home from home’. We were always walking a tightrope whilst juggling the twin identities of this place, Hostel and Chaplaincy.  Whether doing the accounts and applying for money, or justifying […]

  • What they say: And what they mean

    I was clearing out the virtual desk and found this from our last college revue, it certainly made my afternoon!! Essay Feedback:  What they say: And what they mean!

  • Fear is in the air…

    … and the magazine letter is late. (as usual) Fear is in the air, you can smell it! You can see it as well, the shop assistants giving out adverts in the street for their latest offers, the new signs going up pointing to various retail establishments, information about flu precautions. We used to be […]

  • A rare day out

    I had the chance to be away from the pulpit today and grabbed it with both hands, well, grabbed the bike and rode before anyone could stop me!!  I was confronted by the usual low-sunday features, small congregation, (no hope of hiding then) quite reflective service, the Gospel was of course about Thomas who I […]

  • Pastures New…

    Not physically, but I’ve now got a small corner to graze on Janey Lee Grace’s site Imperfectly Natural

  • Late, tired and in need of a magazine article…

    Well, I found one,  in the form of something I had written previously. It is kind of apt as I ‘intend’ to tidy the study tomorrow, and I’m sure many are beginning their spring cleaning. These are the confessions of my ‘bin day’ week On ‘brown bin’ bin day I offer these things not as […]

  • toys…

    And here is the text it produced when turned into type… The antidote to two fingered typing _ l write I the computer types for me! Then Ican save it as a text file I but of course my writing Is terrible, so I wonder how well it will cope! Not too bad!  If i’m […]

  • Lament and Rejoice

    My offering for tomorrow, reflection on a year past and hope for a brighter one to come! To lament a leaf… How empty stands the winter tree, once with a canopy full of leaves. How bare you are without adornments, No green covering to shade and protect. You wept bitterly in the early autumn sun, […]