A rare day out

I had the chance to be away from the pulpit today and grabbed it with both hands, well, grabbed the bike and rode before anyone could stop me!!  I was confronted by the usual low-sunday features, small congregation, (no hope of hiding then) quite reflective service, the Gospel was of course about Thomas who I notice Maggi calls ‘Honest Thomas’, a theme I like.

I however, was confronted during the sermon by the arrogance of the church.  I’m sure it was not intended to come across as it did, but to me it sounded as if the preacher was digging hopelessly at those who choose not to believe.  ‘Despite the doubt, it is still true, no matter what you say.’  I’ve an image in my head of someone with their fingers in their ears screaming ‘lah lah lah lah lah’ just not listening because the others view does not fit their understanding of the world.

I think we need to listen to those who doubt, those who say it is untrue, those who find it impossible to believe and instead of replying, ‘Well, no matter what you say, it just is’ perhaps start to question why we believe in the way we do, and to examine our certainty, perhaps becoming a little more humble.  Then perhaps we can reply to those who cast doubts upon faith with a little grace, asking instead, what they do believe in and why.

Perhaps I should have said something, but perhaps, as usual, it was just me…  So I slipped out the door and rode for the hills!

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