Tag: Belief

  • Whose Eyes? – Civic Service

    I was never really sure about the annual Civic Service – that was until this year.  It was – wait for it – actually quite good fun, well the preparation was anyway!! My talk, titled:  ‘Whose Eyes?’

  • A rare day out

    I had the chance to be away from the pulpit today and grabbed it with both hands, well, grabbed the bike and rode before anyone could stop me!!  I was confronted by the usual low-sunday features, small congregation, (no hope of hiding then) quite reflective service, the Gospel was of course about Thomas who I […]

  • Legacy of shame?

    To be honest, my words were a little stronger than the title here this afternoon, however after mulling things over / steaming / ranting, it became obvious that the object of my frustration could not be truthfully a generalisation – therefore the following comments are (I would dearly wish to hope, but will probably be […]

  • The God we Don't believe in

    Maggi Dawn on the God we don’t believe in I couldn’t agree more, why do we have to play silly language games to speak of things beyond our understanding rather than just admitting that we don’t know!!!  Once we admit that, then serious conversation can begin!

  • Why Reluctant?

    A few people have been asking ‘why reluctant?’ I guess it must be time for a few answers!! Because: I don’t actually really enjoy church! I find much more ‘of God’ in the beauty of nature, in a face, a smile, music, sculpture, in a pint of beer in a pub with a good friend. […]