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  • adrift with the christ

    The Parish Away day in preparation for Holy Week Easter – focussing on seeing a larger Christ. A meditation in preparation for time spent in quiet with the hills, woods, chickens and bees! Psalm 62 (Music: ‘Nunc Dimittis’ Christian Forshaw) It is as if we are dead to the world that is before us. And […]

  • Ashes to ashes…

    …dust to dust! My study employs an open cast filing system.  So much so that as I’m preparing to move this Lent, it seems a great opportunity to clear the rubble and gather only the important things after the dust has settled.  Lent of course is a great time to do this.  Rather than throw […]

  • Living Nativity

    Because the Holy Trinity Church in Greenfield is closed for building works, we had a choice this year to do nothing, or to take the opportunity to do something different to mark Christmas in the community. We wanted to give the community the opportunity to be part of the story, rather than just listening to […]

  • A rare day out

    I had the chance to be away from the pulpit today and grabbed it with both hands, well, grabbed the bike and rode before anyone could stop me!!  I was confronted by the usual low-sunday features, small congregation, (no hope of hiding then) quite reflective service, the Gospel was of course about Thomas who I […]

  • no lightening bolts…

    I was jumped upon to lead a little prayer time and impromptu Eucharist last night,  fortunately I had my phoneand therefore access to this meditation which I used as a prayer of blessing with a few on the spot changes to include the wine.  No lightening bolts as yet – so I’m guessing I’m safe!!

  • Hands on the rail (Part two)

    I promised myself, see original post after hearing a priest talk about the hands that are open the communion rail, that I would reflect on this whilst distributing the sacrament. I did this a few weeks ago and was quite surprised by the results.  Not that I should have been really… It only really works […]

  • Greenbelt thoughts

    I’ve been watching ‘Big Night’ this evening, a small yet great film from 1996 where two Italian brothers risk everything to save their business on one night of food. I was led to this film whilst looking at material for a confirmation course, the themes relating to Eucharist are replete and muti-dimensional throughout it, however […]

  • Catalyst

    I will be walking everywhere for a few weeks to make up for the carbon cost of my flying visit to the Catalyst event at Carmarthen at the weekend.  I had been invited to lead a workshop on Iona Worship, which turned into (thankfully) a worship session.  Helped by Craig, Meredith and Louise, the session […]

  • Good Friday Meditation

    This video is a shortened version of my Good Friday vigil meditation. (the original was 45 mins long!!) It goes with the 'Seven words from the cross' reading and meditation from 'Stages on the Way' (WGRG)

  • One to tell the grandchildren

    The New St. Peter’s church was duly consecrated yesterday!! Click the photo for the official info!!