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  • Candlemass

    Half-way out of the dark?  So The Doctor proclaimed on Christmas day, now we are half way out of the dark, Candlemass marking the halfway point towards the spring equinox.  Always a time for celebration and an appropriate time to make a promise for the year,  much better than at the turn of the year […]

  • Embarrassing initials

    There are many sets of initials that one would really not want, however one would really not put C.F.A in that category.  However, Charlie Andrews must have really done something extrordinary to be re-named within his life time as ‘Christ’s Faithful Apostle’ much to his embarrassment!  He probably deserved it though from the testimony of […]

  • on enlarging the heart

    We are a lazy species for the most part, that’s not to say we don’t need (want?) all manner of things to take away some of the effort of daily life, how long before the ipad becomes a necessity as have gadgets before it.  Two of the best comments on said item are conveniently together, […]