Embarrassing initials

There are many sets of initials that one would really not want, however one would really not put C.F.A in that category.  However, Charlie Andrews must have really done something extrordinary to be re-named within his life time as ‘Christ’s Faithful Apostle’ much to his embarrassment!  He probably deserved it though from the testimony of one Mohandas Ghandi, when asked by Christian missionaries how they should witness he answered, ‘copy Charlie Andrews.’  I mention him in relation to South Africa where he had an extreme experience of the scandal and racial division.  20 years ago a young school boy of 15 was stunned into silence by the teacher (who’s name admittedly has gone the way of many things) announcing the release of one Nelson Mandela.  The significance of that day was only to be realised manay years later.  Those who followed Ghandi’s advice and have copied CF Andrews in his humble service to the poor and to Christ have much to rejoice on such a day and many such were striving for the peace of South Africa.  If only the same spirits able to be reproduced in today’s places of apartheid.  (BBC on Mandela 20 years on.)

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