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  • What they say: And what they mean

    I was clearing out the virtual desk and found this from our last college revue, it certainly made my afternoon!! Essay Feedback:  What they say: And what they mean!

  • Return to reality

    Back for a reality check for a few days. This isn’t to last … off to clergy conference next week. As John says, everything seems to go wrong when you go away, well not so much for me, but life in the parish has become busy to say the least, even though we won’t be […]

  • Back to College

    We, that is the Deacons in Wales who were ordained this year, are back in college for a few days. It is certainly strange being back, I did not envisage missing much, yet the nostalgia attached to being here is certainly quite unsettling. I think it must be the lack of being on show, able […]

  • In the Middle

    I was duly given the stern advice that one should get one’s priorities right – especially in ministry. God first, then the church, all else follows. My immediate response was of God third at least!! A much better response however was given by means of a meditation in chapel yesterday. God in the middle. Strangely, […]

  • Crem

    ‘The most important visit of the year’ said someone… Well it certainly was a real eye opener. 90 mins a 1200 degrees whether you like it or not! The real gut crunching moment came when they were talking about cleaning the insides – re-bricking etc. Not a job for the nervous. Although a good visit […]

  • Post-portfolio

    There are many things to be done post-portfolio – like buying a car! Of course, things like that can wait, especially when you discover the toys on Microsoft’s (sorry excuse the bad language!) web site. Add that to the site plan from Watkin Jones and voila one aerial map of the new house!! I hope […]

  • Farming & Agape

    Cycling through delightful villages on the way to Amelia farm for what was to be one of the last visits I will make this year – never say you won’t return! – was strangely nostalgic for the past year. Although the majority of the time was over the winter, my early morning struggle up the […]

  • The essay game

    Here layeth the gauntlet down (Richard) 6000 words in six days – pah 8000 in 4!

  • Essays

    Why do people always leave them to the last minute, then complain because the books are not available? Eh, Makes no sense! But we still do it!!!! I have now changed the title of my final three essays for the third and final time, just so the available books are relevant!

  • Juggling

    Good practice for ordination I guess. Got back from Iona, one day of family stuff, end of term service to do music for and a few hours later in a car racing off to Liverpool to be involved with Holy Week at St. Anne’s Stanley. It was a fascinating look into parish life during a […]