In the Middle

I was duly given the stern advice that one should get one’s priorities right – especially in ministry.
God first, then the church, all else follows.
My immediate response was of God third at least!!
A much better response however was given by means of a meditation in chapel yesterday.
God in the middle. Strangely, this was echoed from a very surprising source. While getting frustrated and annoyed at the original comment I was reminded that really the ministry of those ordained or such was based on the biblical understanding of things and that the life and teachings of Jesus were all about people, rather than about God so much. Not bad for a reluctant ordinand’s wife casually commenting over a hot saucepan!
So no priority for ‘God’, just God in and through everything – in the midst of it all with dirty hands!

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  1. John Davies Avatar
    John Davies

    Beware the most, those who will tell you that The Church should be
    No.1 priority, in doing so they make a god of the church of course.
    Their counsel is a recipe for rapid burnout, disillusionment or delusion.

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