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  • In the post

    These arrived in the post this morning, the CD is in my ears as I write, the cards have reminded me to put up my wall, all the cards, notes and interesting quotes that once adorned the old study, I’ll be doing that later and probably still be listening! Thanks K 😉 [ You’ve also […]

  • Leaving Prayer

    Roll out the Vicar…   my contribution to our leavers service in the school. A Leaving Prayer God we pray: May you who leave this place: Take with you every blessing you have received here: Blessings of friendship Blessings of memories Blessings of knowledge And may you who leave here today to begin a new […]

  • Christ in stranger

    You will need to see the previous entry on Woodfest to set this in context. I referred to the ‘Mushroom Man’ in the context of Luke 7: 11-17 to speak about thresholds, Jesus at the threshold of the town, the Widow at the threshold of life and death with her son.  Jesus touches the edge […]

  • Woodfest

    Woodfest again at St. Asaph, don’t miss it! Or try to remember next year… There seem to be a number of different types of people exhibiting or competing. Most working in their field and making a living the way most of us do, wood things being a profitable sideline. There are the commercial firms whose […]

  • a radical heart

    Rumi said, in the midst of conflict: “I go into the Muslim mosque, and the Jewish synagogue and the Christian church and I see one altar.” How open, or how big must one’s heart be to allow such a thought?  Can such a radical notion of generosity of heart ever take root today?  Perhaps not […]

  • There is but one way…

    … to get rid of the snow, and that it to build a sled for the children.  When I have finished it, (June or July sometime) the snow will be gone!  Whilst deciding whether or not to clear the drive and risk the car this morning – (nah, walk!) I was browsing a few books […]

  • Off to GB09

    I think Pip Wilson’s prayer sums it all up for this weekend! A Festival Prayer

  • Small joys

    It is the little things that count! And sometimes there are not many to count, however at the end of a manic morning, the final baptism was a quiet affair, only about 20 people – just how I like them!! It wasn’t that that made it special.  The family were related to people I knew […]

  • Relations

    I am becoming increasingly concerned, as we near the climax of the consumerist year, about relationships between all sorts of things.  Reading the latest Resurgence reminded me of our relationship to food which can be as much about how we deal with others as it is with fueling our bodies.  This is intrinsically linked to […]

  • collar

    I’ve wondered before now what the point of the dog-collar is.  I’ve even considered giving it up outside of formal gatherings.  It can be annoying, especially in the street or shopping, of course one should view such occasions as ‘opportunities’ (maybe) it can also be interesting watching people’s attitudes towards you some speak to you […]