I’ve wondered before now what the point of the dog-collar is.  I’ve even considered giving it up outside of formal gatherings.  It can be annoying, especially in the street or shopping, of course one should view such occasions as ‘opportunities’ (maybe) it can also be interesting watching people’s attitudes towards you some speak to you who would not otherwise, some avoid you who would have otherwise spoken!!

So it was interesting today as I walked home (wearing collar) to be greeted by a group of young teenagers,

‘are you a vica?’

Probably the most ordinary people I shall meet today, although their lives were far from  ordinary and tended towards the poorer forgotten end of society, chatting with them, their perceptions of religion and what a ‘vica’ is shattered,  their language, colourful, but strangely less affronting than much heard from congregations.

So, following today’s encounter, and since I pass their way often, I think I shall continue to wear it,  for those chance encounters which make it all worthwhile!

~ rhannu os ti isio ~ do share ~



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