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  • Caution: Contents Hot

    It is 09.11 on Saturday morning and I am in an all new kind of hell. Even home-made ‘oxford’ marmalade on home-made bread cannot cut through the assault to the senses which happens to be my carriage until Newport. It seems that Aliens must be destroyed at top volume, meanwhile an unknown musical sensation probably […]

  • Yr ochr arall (eto)

    I gave up my book, worthy though it was, the interruption is welcome, if not lightly fanciful, ‘we won’t disturb you if we sit here?’ no, (and yes of course!) The three delightful ladies who lunch interrogate my lazing in the sun, already having gleaned our occupation from the staff, perhaps slightly quizzical at my […]

  • Yr ochr arall

    Looking from Neston across to Wales, Holywell was easily picked out due to the water tower on the tops, I thought to myself, I’d hate to live over here with that great view, always seeing it but not being there, but then, I always look to Liverpool from Wales, not longing to be there, but […]

  • Hardy perennials

    Away for a few days learning to be a new incumbent, we arrived for lunch greeted by the ‘hardy perennials’ a group of ladies of no specific age taking root in the dining room, as we prepare to work, ‘the tempest’ begins and we are overrun by sailors, beasts and maidens. Is this a vision […]

  • Hafod Eryri

    “The Summit of Snowdon:  Here you are nearer to heaven” Catchy sentiments; and maybe, but still a long way off, were my first impressions.  I think I’ll have to sit out on the theological arguments about that one!!  Later thoughts might have contemplated things along the lines of this: Climbers and walkers are among the […]

  • getting wet

    i’ve ridden a bike in rain before, but yesterday was something else! So much for waterproof gear, it had no chance – thank goodness for overly warm hotel rooms! Not sure i would ever say that… It was truly bizare though, once i had got out of the valleys on the 470 it was as […]

  • away from the desk

    I’ve finally done it. I’ve switched it off. Now i’ll have to go away!

  • Billy and Dave

    “Billy” ended coming home with us, but we had to leave “Dave” behind, “Dave” would have been great, but there was just not room for him what with “Mammut” taking up the back seat. (“Mammut” is a little camera shy!) We were cxpecting reports of a mini shedding its load on the M62 – everyone […]

  • Pastures New…

    Not physically, but I’ve now got a small corner to graze on Janey Lee Grace’s site Imperfectly Natural

  • Autumn Gathering

    We decided it was time to gather a few things from the autumn storehouse today, bag loads of haws which will (hopefully) turn into HawSin sauce (no jokes about getting our Haws out from between the Hips) We picked those as well, supposed to be a great soup flavour-er.  The HawSin taster that I made […]