Autumn Gathering

We decided it was time to gather a few things from the autumn storehouse today, bag loads of haws which will (hopefully) turn into HawSin sauce (no jokes about getting our Haws out from between the Hips) We picked those as well, supposed to be a great soup flavour-er.  The HawSin taster that I made to try it out was good, I can see why it would go well with Duck or Game, we could have had a dozen brace of pheasant at the same time as the fields around Llanasa where we were walking were stocked well

The Mushroom gathering didn’t go as well, plenty of choice, only on closer identification they are either poisonous or inedible varieties!!  We did gather some strange jelly-like ones though which are oddly called ‘Jews ear’ they really don’t look like anyone’s ear really, and are only good for adding to soup – must try harder!!

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