Billy and Dave


“Billy” ended coming home with us, but we had to leave “Dave” behind,


“Dave” would have been great, but there was just not room for him what with “Mammut” taking up the back seat.

(“Mammut” is a little camera shy!)

We were cxpecting reports of a mini shedding its load on the M62 – everyone survived the journey thankfully!!

“Billy” will be assembled as soon as I tidy up!

I assume “Billy” in Swedish means “elegant and functional book storage” and that “Dave” means erganomically “designed lap top table type thingy”, it is more likely perhaps they are starting to take the preverbial out of us taking it out of their furniture names????

I’m hoping that “Mammut” means “Childrens clothes storage designed to withstand a nuclear blast”  however I’m sure it probably means “Useless item of furniture as the intended occupants are over the floor”

Hey ho – much swearing and screwdriver fun to be had.

~ rhannu os ti isio ~ do share ~






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